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Car Tire Air Compressor – check out this Great Review its a Life saver!


Hey Champs well here’s another great Review on a Great Car Tire Air Compressor Which in my opinion is a must have for road side emergencies or if you’re just low on the air in your car tires.

Anyways lets get to the meat of this Review well let just imagine that you get up early in the morning and you get ready to go to work and when you get out and finally get to your car you find that one of your tires went flat.

Well that’s just what happened to me while I was going the work one morning last year, so I get to my truck and upon checking around the truck for any damages I noticed that one of my tires was flat, so I started to inspect the tire to maybe see if it was a flat and it looked let it just got flat on me on its own.

Oh! Man how weird is this and I said to myself the only way this could’ve happened is that I Might Have had a Slow leak in my tire and didn’t realize it till the tire went flat on me on its own why on a work day, man I had to call my boss and let him know that I was going to be late which I really hate Being late.

He said it was OK and asked me how much time do I need to get to work and I replied about an hour then he replied OK but take your time and drive safe, so I said thanks to him and told him that I will try to get there soon and safe, and so I started to check my watch and started up my truck and drove very slowly to the nearest gas station I could find that might have tire air compressor because I didn’t have one at that time.

Tip: Upon Filling up my tire again I did a reinspection of the tire to see if any air was coming out of the tire by leaving the car off and putting my ear by the tire to listen for air sound escaping the tire in this way I would know that it wasn’t a flat and thank god no air escaping the tire, there was no flat.

After this whole fiasco was settled I got to work a little late, man I was angry With Myself but what can you do, and so I started work and during the slower times at work I started to think to myself what if this happens again and I get to work let again Because of this issue so here we go again I decided to Google time and do some research on some of the best portable tire air compressors or 12v tire air compressors on the market man I did alot of searching looked at walmart, bj’s target, Amazon and finally I found the prize on Ebay very affordable and compact as well.


Well here’s my Review of the specifications on the Tire Inflator Car Air Pump Compressor Electric Portable Auto 12V Volt 100 PSI

AND POWERFUL】This portable air pump can inflate standard medium vehicle
tires from 0-35 PSI in 5 minutes. And its maximum pressure is 100 PSI.
Heavy duty compact design and high quality material will make it have
Long service life

The air pump includes three high airflow nozzles and adapters that make
it easy to use for varies tires. You need not worry about finding an
external power supply.Compatible with almost all kinds of car tires(
Attention: not applicable for heavy duty truck & large
commercial-grade vans ).It can be used for inflatable
cars,SUV,motorcycles,bicycles,RV,and ATV tires, as well as sports
equipment and inflatable toys

TO USE】The three reading unit makes reading pressure easier and more
convenient, which means we can better control the pressure to ensure
safety while inflating tires

CHARGINGING CABLE】The length of the cable is 12 feet( 3m ),which can
absolutely extend to any one of the four wheels or even further
easier.Never to use an air compressor that can not reach back tires

YOU WILL GET】 100PSI air compressor pump,3 high air-flow nozzles and
adapters.We provide 12-month & 30-day money back and friendly
customer service


Tire compressors are designed to inflate vehicles and other inflatable nozzle products (balls, swimming rings, etc.).
The digital air compressor pump is a very useful tool if you are going on a trip or any emergency use.


Safety And Durable
air compressor’protector box is made of ABS plastic and the movement is
made of Aluminum alloy.Pass multiple repeated safety testing.With
high-speed cooling to ensure the life of the movement.
Convenient And Portable
inflatable tube and power wires is easy to store. You need not worry
about the accessories may mess up after using.Easy to carry and it will
become your emergency helper.
3M Long Power Cord It can be easily connected to front and rear tires.
Low Noise Motor Tire inflator is applied special motor technology to achieve low noise. So you won’t be upset when inflating.

Product Specification
Trade Name: car air pump
Power Input: DC 12V
Product power: 45W
Maximum Pressure: 100psi
Net Weight: 0.5kg
Dimension: 16.5*8.5*14cm
Continuous Working Time: 8-9mins
Displacement: 20L/min
Power cord length: 3M

Package Pncludes: 
1 x Air Compressor
3 x Nozzle Adapters


My Reaction to the Specification

Well when I read the specification I was like wow all that in such a small 12v tire compressor, so I made the purchase and it was the best tire air compressor for the price and size of it I was very impressed at how well it filled up the tire and as I was filling the tire the analog pressure gauge in the front of was showing the pressure go up to it normal size in pressure

Tip: don’t buy digital air compressors they don’t show psi pressure properly on their digital screens this Review is for analog which is better I’ve tried digital and after a while they don’t work properly don’t know why that is so I went back to this one you know what they say “if it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it”

My pros and Cons


  1. 12v electric power by the car
  2. very long cord for getting around the car
  3. analog gauge is very dependable and sizable
  4. small and compact and long lasting


  1. cable gets a little hot while long use but nothing to worry about
  2. no other issue that I could think of in a year


Well I want to let you guys know that  if you have any questions or comments, please feel super free to leave them here on my website and if you enjoyed the Review please Feel Free to Donate to my PayPal it helps With the support of this website thanks and god bless you and you’re family always.

P.S. if you would like to look at this item or purchase it  just click on the links or picture in this review.










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  1. Elvira Friddle

    I really feel great to read all that about Air Armor because I have also air armor compressor to fill the air in tires. It is really helpful when we go on the road and off road also. It is very helpful also whose all when you going on a long journey in your car, you can’t afford to have a flat tire at a location far from the city. With portable 12 Volt air compressors; you can always stay prepared whether on the road or off-road. great post keep blogging

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