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Rfid Credit Card Protectors – Check Out Best Credit Card Protector Sleeve Review Blog Stop Cyber Crooks In There Tracks!

Hey guys and gals here’s another set Of great Information for you, Imagine if you’re somewhere doing something and all of a sudden you get a text on you’re cell phone from you’re bank telling you, you Just Made a purchase at Target for the sum of $178 on you’re debit or credit card.

Man when I looked at the text I was In shock oh boy ever get that queezy feeling in you’re stomach where you feel like they just put one over on you and you couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening like its just completely out of  you’re control and it really happen to me and i’m sure that many of you guys can relate to what i’m writing here.

Just as i’m Writing this Article It Still Blows My Mind the Way People With Incredible minds and talent invent ways to try to take advantage of people instead of using what god has given them to try to help people, well and They say God Helps Those Who Help Themselves, Well i tell you That Is A very wrong Mind Set And it is Anti Biblical Because its not in the bible which is gods written instruction manual for us.

Well it is written that rain Falls on the saved as well as the Sinner, So i called my bank and told them exactly what Had happened to me and that i was in church with my Family while all this took place and they told me that they will have to do an investigation and that i would be reimbursed but i have to go online to my account  and provide them with a little information and charges on my account where it took place and that it would take anything from six to eight weeks to resolve.

So i did what they asked me to do and it took about four weeks in time to resolve and they reimbursed me as promised man i had to order a new checking card from them and cancel the old one which was compromised and reported to them, well After that everything went pretty well for like eight month and again i received yet another text as i was leaving church service this time yep $89.38 At Domino’s pizza.





So i went through the same rigamarole with the bank and all the bells and whistles and i started to ask myself how can i prevent this from happening over and over again? i already followed all the card safety step they instructed me to take and with all of that it happened again, fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

So i decided to Google time it and do some research and alot of reading and i found out that there is this technology which is a small device that is an air card reader and it can read and steal the information off of any type credit/debit or id card strip weather it has a chip or not if it has a strip you’re personal information will get stolen.

Just by them stand next to you in a line and have the device on like Ray Charles once said “it’ll do what it do babe” so i decided the search for something on line that could block this type of device from stealing my information and i came across some TV  products that were interesting but not useful in a multi level sense meaning that if i purchase one wallet that blocks this type of device what about when i have to go somewhere and my wife ask me for the credit card to pay for something somewhere else?

So i decided to search for that multi level solution where i could protect each card individually and i did some searches and Amazon and other places and finally found a perfect and affordable solution on Ebay, Bear in mind that this has taken me several day of research and it wasn’t a piece of cake to figure out either so i’m letting you guys know about this product because it has been working greatly for me for the past five years till present no issues.

Well the Product i will be Review is 10 Pack of Safety Sleeves RFID Protectors Identity Theft &Credit; Card Protection.

Well these rfid credit card protector sleeves have been a great blessing to me to know that where ever i stand or sit i don’t have to worry about being secretly robbed of my hard earned money, well now i’m going to post the specification of this item from the Ebay website for informational purposes and that you may understand what this technology does for me and what it can do for you.

WaterProof Anti Theft RFID Blocker Credit Card Holder

These card holders are designed to shield RFID signals. Secure sleeves create an RFID shield by blocking the electromagnetic energy necessary to power and communicate with contactless smart cards.

Illegal RFID credit card readers can’t access

 the information stored in your credit card RFID chips.


Protect your cards from EMI(Electro Magnetic Interference)

Protect your contactless IC cards information from being stolen, including Identity Card, Credit Card, Employee’s Card….

Protect your contactless IC cards chips from damage.

FIPS 201 Approved by the US Government as Electromagnetically Opaque Shield

Shields ISO 14443/15693 and EPC Gen 1/Gen 2 contactless smart cards and RFID tags

Protect your magnetic card from EMI damage,

which would caused information lost

This happens a lot if you put your card

near your cellphone too often

Weather and water-resistant

My Reaction to the specifications

Well i’ve using this  production a few years now and i’ve give you the pros and cons on it


  1. Provides great security and protection for all you’re cards
  2. Each set come with ten card rfid card portectors to replace any worn out sleeves
  3. It is super affordable
  4. Fit in any wallet
  5. The cards do not slip out easly


  1. The sleeve do get worn out butt don’t lose their efect
  2.  None of any other that i can think of

My Thoughts On This Technology

Well for almost a four dollar price range i think you won’t break you’re bank account on protecting it with a ten pack of these babies, i’ll tell you guys this has been one of the most life saving items that i purchased as long as i have had it and i hope that i was able to better inform you about what is happening and the issues with credit card protection in todays information technological age.


Well I want to let you guys know that  if you have any questions or comments, please feel super free to leave them here on my website and if you enjoyed the Review please Feel Free to Donate to my PayPal it helps With the support of this website thanks and god bless you and you’re family always.

P.S. if you would like to look at this item or purchase it  just click on the links or picture in this review.


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