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Road side Assistance Kit – Check Out This Electric Scissor Car Jack And Nut Remover Review Blog This Set Is Awesome!


Well here it is another Awesome Review Of an item which has Helped me More Times Than I can Think To Imagine, well back in December I purchased a new truck because my old truck finally gave up on me and died in the middle of the road in queens what a night that was because I live all the way out in Brooklyn so I called my insurance company and got it towed for seven Bucks yes seven buck guys, it pays to get road side assistance on you’re policy guys I only pay seven extra dollars a month.

and so I got rid of it the next day by way of junk yard sale after that I had a little money saved so I decided to by a new car well certified pre-owned like new at major world Chevy, so I purchase a Chevy equinox ls 2011 fully loaded plus custom interior so far the car gave me a whole lot of problems earlier on but because they gave me a bumper to bumper warranty this fixed all the issues and the truck has been perfect ever sence.

Now around the area where i live the department of transportation is doing a lot of road work and one day i was driving down 108 street and i suffered a flat so i took the truck to the flat fix before the tire Ran out of air and it cost me twenty bucks to get it patched up.

so as i was driving off it came to me and i thought to myself a very important thing i said ok the sales guy showed me the spare in the back but now that i remember he didn’t show the raod side kit to change the tire so when i got home i emediatly checked the back of my truck to see if i did have a road side kit.

well much to my surprise it was an incomplete kit the only thing that was in the back of my truck was the scissor jack no spinner key and no socket wrench so i thought about this issue for a bit and i decided to look on-line for a road side tire replacement kit.

Well The Item I’m Talking About in This Review Is Heavy Duty Electric Scissor Car Jack Lift 2.5 Ton 1/2″ Impact Wrench 12V DC Auto.

well i searched on Google of course and from it pointed me towards amazon and Ebay and other retailers as well so finally i decided on getting it from Ebay which was the best and lowest price i sirtenly got a bang for my buck on this purchase loving it, and heres what i found, these are the specifications from the Ebay website that i found Bear in mind that I am giving you guys the specifcations for reviewing purposes only which are on the Ebay website well here they are.


  • Compact size equipment stores in car for emergent roadside tire change and repair.
  • 3T capacity, 12.5cm to 36cm lifting height and 17 to 42cm lifting height.
  • Push button controller with long enough line, plugs into car 12 volt power outlet.
  • Comes with controller, crank handle, impact wrench, screwdriver, fuses, a pair of gloves, etc for much convenience.
  • Packaged in plastic storage case for easy transportation and storage.

Material: Metal, Plastic
Working voltage: 12V
Capacity: 3 Ton
Lifting range: Approx. 12.5-36cm / 4.9” x 14.17”
Approx. 17-42cm / 6.7” x 16.5”
Jack size: Approx. 39.5 x 16cm / 15.6” x 6.3”
Impact wrench length: Approx. 8.66”
Screwdriver length: Approx. 19.5cm / 7.68”
Package Weight: Approx. 8.58kg

Package Included:
1 x Car Electric Jack with Controller
1 x Crank Handle
1 x Impact Wrench
1 x Battery Wire with Clamps
1 x Power Cable
3 x Fuses
1 x Screwdriver
2 x Socket Adapters
1 x Car Jack Head (Adjustable height: 12.5-36cm)
1 x SUV Jack Head (Adjustable height: 17-42cm)
1 x Pair of Gloves

My Reaction to The Specification


  1. Comes with everything you need the change a tire
  2.  it’s 12v electric
  3.  light to carry in my opion
  4.  you can help other people who get flat tires on the road
  5.  it’s strong and steady very solid assembly


  1. None at this moment as it has performed like a champ so far

Well here it is my thoughts on this scissor car jack and nut remover kit.

Well it looked like it could do the job but knowing lil o me  i decided to do some research on this perticular item and as Usual some good some Bad  mostly more good Reviews then bad, took me a Couple of Days to decide weather i should Take the pludge and make the purchase so i did and till this day i don’t regret at all i change all the nuts on my truck for Steel oem ones and i helped alot of people who got flat tires out on the road while i was driving to get to some place or Another, man an electric scissor car jack and a nut Remover all electric and in one very nice carring case sweet i changed tires in just 15-20 minutes time depending on where they kept there spare tire it was great a blessing to help people out man god is good.


Well I want to let you guys know that  if you have any questions or comments, please feel super free to leave them here on my website and if you enjoyed the Review please Feel Free to Donate to my PayPal it helps With the support of this website thanks and god bless you and you’re family always.

P.S. if you would like to look at this item or purchase it  just click on the links or picture in this review.

















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