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Zoom G1X Four Guitar Effects Processor with Built-In Expression Pedal Review


Hey guys here it is bam! another awesome review for you guys of another awesome item the Zoom G1X Four Guitar Effects Processor with Built-In Expression Pedal I must say this is one of the most cost effective and super useful pedal I’ve ever owned it’s for the minimalist who like digital technology and don’t really like to lug around a bunch of balky analog pedals on a board.

Now I’m not knocking those musicians who like to lug around the extra pounds that’s just not me and for those who feel like I do this pedal is just what you are looking for, man I’ma try to give you guys the whole 411 on this item because it’s just to awesome, now lets start first this thing fits in any bag for easy travel and it also has multipal power source additions and you can also connect to your PC or mac for on screen customization and to also download free pedals and effects to add to the device.

I’m telling you guys the sound is incredible and useful you can make all kinds of sounds and effects and put together to make a pedal board patch and the effects pedal itself is very responsive, it uses fore double A batteries rechargeable or alkaline and you could also use any charging brick as a power source through the USB connector that also connect to your pc or mac for update and customization of pedals like I mentioned before it also has a built in metronome and a 30 second looper.

Now I’m going to post the specs as I always do this one is a most certainly worth the buy item if you are a musician!

Product Description


  • Over 70 Guitar Effects & 13 Amp Models
  • 5 Effects Can Be Used Simultaneously
  • Global Tone Stack & Volume Knob
  • Expression Pedal for Variable Control
  • 68 Built-In Rhythm Patterns
  • 30-Second Phrase Looper
  • Built-In Chromatic Tuner
  • 1/4″ Instrument & 3.5mm Auxiliary Inputs
  • Runs on 4 AA Batteries for 18 Hours
  • Connect to ZOOM Guitar Lab via USB

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